Plastic-Rubber composite Parking Blocks

Regarding parking lots and garages, safety and durability are paramount. One way to ensure this is through parking blocks, also known as wheel stops or curb stops. These blocks are placed at the front or back of parking spaces to prevent vehicles from overshooting or getting too close to walls or other obstacles.

One material that is becoming increasingly popular for parking blocks is Plastic-Rubber composite. This combination offers several advantages over traditional materials, such as concrete or steel.

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Advantages of Plastic-Rubber composite Parking Blocks

Lower Cost

Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks are economical for parking lot and garage owners. These blocks are made using recycled materials, making them a more cost-effective option compared to concrete or steel counterparts. The lighter weight of these parking blocks also reduces the cost of transportation and installation.

They are perfect for businesses and municipalities who want a cost-effective solution for their parking needs. Their durable, reinforced structure protects vehicles from damage and provides a safe environment for pedestrians and drivers.


Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks are versatile options that offer many benefits. Made using rubber and plastic molding techniques, they are known for their durability and resistance to cracks. These parking blocks are manufactured using a mold-making process that allows for beautiful textures and surfaces. In addition, these molds are reusable and can be used to produce multiple sets, reducing the cost.

What’s more, they’re more flexible than plastic wheel stops to prevent cracking.


Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks are more durable than concrete or steel. They are resistant to weathering, fading, and cracking, which means they will last longer in outdoor environments. They also can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, such as trucks and buses, making them suitable for commercial and industrial parking lots.

Two Plastic-Rubber composite car stops installed in front of the EV charger station.



Parking Block Direct is a well-known wheel stop manufacturing company located in Qingdao.

Since 2013, we have produced and distributed premium-quality products across different countries to help people improve vehicular and pedestrian safety in public parking lots and garages.


We ship our products in reliable packing worldwide. We ensure our products are delivered to your doorstep in the best possible condition for your public parking garage.

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Easy to Load

Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks are lightweight and easy to handle, making them an excellent option for parking lots and garages that must be updated frequently. They are easy to move around and can be installed or removed quickly, which benefits businesses that need to reconfigure their parking spaces regularly. This makes them an excellent option for companies and municipalities that need to adjust their parking spaces frequently.

Minimal Thermal Expansion and Contraction

Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks have minimal thermal expansion and contraction compared to rubber alone, with a coefficient of expansion of ±1cm/100cm, compared to rubber’s coefficient of ±5cm/100cm. This means they will not warp or become damaged due to temperature changes.

Black parking bumpers made of Plastic-Rubber composite material with yellow reflective films.

Where to Buy Plastic-Rubber composite Parking Blocks

Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks, made from rubber and plastic, offer a cost-effective solution for parking lots and garages needing updated parking spaces. These parking blocks are readily available at various commercial and industrial supply stores and online retailers such as Sino Concept, Wheel Stops Factory, Parking Block Direct, and Amazon Business, etc.

When shopping for Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks, it’s essential to consider the prices, quality, and warranty offered. A wise decision can be made by comparing these factors before purchasing.

Compared to traditional materials like concrete or steel, Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks offer many advantages. They are costless, flexible, and have minimal thermal expansion and contraction, making them a more reliable option for homeowners, construction industry professionals, and paving contractors.

What’s more, these parking blocks can be quickly loaded and installed using simple tools since normally matching accessories come with every set of wheel stops.

There are three Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops. One is manufactured by Sino Concept, one by the Wheel Stops Factory, and one by Parking Block Direct.


In conclusion, Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks provide a cost-effective and practical solution for the construction industry and homeowners. They offer versatility and durability while being economical and easy to install, making them an excellent option for parking lots and garages.

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