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All You Need to Know About Parking Blocks!

Regardless of the number of years that drivers spend practicing, they continue making parking mistakes. More often, drivers overrate the size of the parking spot or even need clarification in the process.

A mistake by the driver in the parking lot may result in property damage, or even a car may collide with another parked vehicle or objects such as buses and motorcycles.

Although it is difficult to avoid such occurrences of distracted parking in the parking areas, you can prevent damage and improve pedestrian safety by strategically placing the parking blocks. Read this article to learn more about parking blocks.

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Parking stops: What are they?

Wheel stops provide permanent and temporary parking options in the downtown parking and garages, public parking areas, parking sites, and free parking spaces. However, using parking stops depends on your need and the benefits you can get from them.

Parking stops are used for more than stopping a rolling car because they are used as a barrier in deterring the issues that are found around the lot. The devices give confidence to new drivers to gain the confidence on public parking garages or even older people to drive and park in the parking space without difficulties safely. Parking stops are used in the parking areas, but that does not mean they should be placed randomly without considering the standards they use.

Regardless of whether there is a driveway, roadway, warehouse, carpool, public parking area, off-street parking, or simply an apartment parking zone, parking stops make sure to get these wheel stops standards before moving to the final steps.

Two black wheel stops, one with white reflective films, and the other with yellow reflective films.

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How to install a parking bumper easily?

Whether you want to install wheel stops in street parking, disabled parking, parallel parking, or garage parking, the first thing you should ensure is placing the parking bumper in a way that does not block the passageway. Here is the process of parking block installation.

  • Position the parking block where you want to install it. Use the holes molded in the parking block as templates, mark each hole’s location, and remove the parking lot.
  • Drill marking you have made on the pavement to create space for the steel spikes. Clean and dry the area and reposition the parking block so preshrunk bolt holes align with the drilled pavement.
  • Hammer a spike through the center bolt into the drilled hole until you are snug against the counter hole. You can repeat for each bolt hole.
A man is installing black and yellow parking blocks.

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What are the roles and features of wheel stops?

One of the primary roles of parking blocks is to assist drivers in determining the parking lot’s appearance. Indeed, parking lots convert accident-prone parking areas into well-streamlined parking spaces.

You can imagine entering an oversized public garage and not finding a spot nearby to stand your car; what would you do? It would be best if you tried to find an appropriate site for parking.

A parking block will assist you there because it gives directions on where to park your car. Parking blocks protect you from the clash between your car and the wall, even at low speed, which would result in cosmetic damage.

Furthermore, parking stops are essential for preventing drivers from propelling into sidewalks, thus compromising the safety of pedestrians. Warehouses and factories are the sites that have high oncoming traffic; using wheel stops at these locations saves vehicles from accidents and also benefits pedestrians.

If pedestrians pass by a driver, there is the risk of hitting them which may earn damage and a fine. Additionally, parking stops protect your vehicle while in the parking lot from being hit by careless drivers, and therefore, it is wise to use wheel stops in public parking zones.

Parking stops are also placed at places such as the front of stores, restaurants, and other places with a high traffic volume; drivers may need help to determine the exact point of stopping their cars and perhaps accidentally hitting the front windows. Therefore, using car stops can limit the damage to a great extent.

A black car stop with yellow reflective films to help parking.

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The 4 Most Famous Parking Stopper Brands

When purchasing parking bumpers for your parking lot, there are various brands for you to choose from. Parking stopper brands manufacture brands made of different materials in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Here is a list of the most famous parking stopper brands.


Guardian brand is dedicated to assisting drivers in parking their cars safely by providing parking stops for effective safety. 22’’ rubber wheel stop from Guardian can be used inside parking garages or outside in parking lots and will work on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Wheel Stops Factory

Wheel Stops Factory is one of the leading manufacturer groups of recycled rubber and plastic parking curb stops. The company was founded in China. Wheel Stops Factory provides high-quality Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops at the best price.


Bullke brand is a manufacturer of American-made recycled plastic wheel stops. The brands offer the most durable solution custom parking stops made with 100% recycled plastic. Its proprietary design and manufacturing process ensures the products last a lifetime and won’t chip, crack, or rust. Bullke parking stops are also UV resistant, providing years of trouble-free performance.

Sino Concept

Sino Concept is a French-owned company with 3 factories in China specializing in manufacturing traffic safety products. Sino Concept brands include a range of wheel stops & parking blocks, and vulcanized recycled rubber. Sino Concept guarantees excellent road safety and car management products at competitive factory-direct prices.

Sino Concept manufacture its tyre stoppers from vulcanized rubber to ensure durable parking blocks that are also weatherproof. Their low rubber odor can be used in indoor applications such as warehouses, parking, or factory facilities.

Guardian wheel stop, Wheel Stops Factory wheel stop, Bullke wheel stop, and Sino Concept wheel stops.

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Parking Block Direct is a well-known wheel stop manufacturing company located in Qingdao.

Since 2013, we have produced and distributed premium-quality products across different countries to help people improve vehicular and pedestrian safety in public parking lots and garages.


We ship our products in reliable packing worldwide. We ensure our products are delivered to your doorstep in the best possible condition for your public parking garage.

No matter where you live, contact us and learn about the shipping process, delivery date, or any other questions.


Find Out Various Car Stop Dimensions for Different Countries

Different countries vary from area to area. When deciding to purchase a wheel stop, finding the standard wheel stops dimensions in your country is essential.

The most popular parking stops in Australia and New Zealand are 5.5 feet (1650mm) and 6.5 feet (2000mm),  while the most common dimensions of parking curbs used in the USA are 6 feet (1830mm) and 4 feet (1220mm).

But other wheel stopper dimensions are also popular worldwide, such as 2 feet (550mm) and 3 feet (900mm).

Various black car stops with yellow reflective films manufactured by Parking Block Direct.

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What are the Purposes of Using Parking Lot Stops?

One of the main functions of parking blocks on roads and driveways and in the parking, areas is stopping a rolling car.

If the driver forgets to engage the hand brake before leaving the vehicle, it is inclined in the parking lot. Placing parking stops at the right place prevents vehicles from going beyond the designated parking areas.

A two feet black parking bumper with yellow reflective films manufactured by Parking Block Direct.

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Parking Lot Bumpers Made from Different Materials

Parking stops may be made of rubber, recycled plastic, concrete, or Plastic-Rubber composite to use in parking facilities.


Concrete is a reliable option for a driveway or parking lot. Despite its relatively high installation costs, concrete is low maintenance material, making it cost-effective in the long run.

Concrete car park stops in a parking lot to help people parking.


Parking blocks made from rubber are resilient and resistant to extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light, and precipitation, including ice, road salt, and oils. The rubber parking wheel stops not only save you money but are also eco-friendly and are also available for handicapped parking.

A black wheel stop made of rubber with yellow reflective films.

Recycled Plastic

Parking stops made of plastic are lightweight and easy to install. They exist in various models, from traditional to low-profile competitor models. The recycled plastic wheel stops reducing labor requirements and allows easy seal coating removal.

A black and yellow parking block made of recycled plastic.


Steel wheel stops are economical, and have a high-performance alternative to concrete garages. The wheel stops are flexible and allow you to adapt to the parking lot’s size easily.

They are also well designed to satisfy all the requirements of a good car park design. Steel is ideal for long spans that provide column-free parking.

A yellow parking stop made of steel.

Plastic-Rubber composite

Plastic-Rubber composite parking stops are the most cost-effective wheel stops that can be used to protect drivers from causing accidents in parking lots.

A black parking curb with yellow reflective glass bead films made of plastic-rubber composite material.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Parking Curb Stop

Parking blocks play a significant role in the transportation department, especially in parking garages. The invention of parking blocks plays a significant role in the transportation department.

You should consider some factors before buying a vehicle parking curb block.

  • What parking curb stop dimensions do you need?
  • What are the different types of parking blocks?
  • Where should wheel stops be placed?
Two black tire stops with yellow reflective glass bead films.

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Parking stops play an important role among the vital traffic management equipment the transportation department requires.

When parking accidents for vehicles become a severe issue, installing wheel stops in various city streets, preferred parking, international airport, open parking, and lanes is essential. Parking stops improve pedestrian safety and reduce accidents and the potential danger chances of public property.

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