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2 feet car stops with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 2 feet / 550 mm car stops are small barriers installed on concrete or asphalt surfaces to prevent unwanted forward or backward movement of car wheels.

We offer incredible benefits, which are hard to find in other similar products in the market.

3 feet parking stoppers with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct


Our 3 feet / 900 mm long parking blocks are used in a pair to cover the entire width of a parking bay.

You can install them in indoor and outdoor parking spaces to prevent the unwanted movement of cars while parked.

4 feet wheel stops with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 4 feet / 1220 mm wheel stops offer remarkable features, including high durability, visibility, and easy installation.

You should try them if you are looking for a customizable rubber wheel stop to take your parking lot safety to the next level!

5.5 feet wheel stoppers with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 5.5 feet / 1650 mm long wheel stopper is ideal for car parking spaces.

It can stop cars of various sizes from moving out of their restrictive parking area.

6 feet parking curbs with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct


6 feet / 1830 mm wheel stops are valuable parking lot tools that help create a safe parking space for vehicles.

They act as a raised barrier that blocks vehicles’ forward or backward movement.

6.5 feet parking bumpers with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 6.5 feet / 2000 mm parking blocks are manufactured of a premium Plastic-Rubber composite, making them durable, versatile, and beneficial in many ways.

our factory


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Our factory is located in Qingdao, a popular seaside city in China. Our teams are specialized in manufacturing Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops using the latest techniques, methods, and equipment.

They purchase quality raw materials and convert them into a well-designed final product. They check and compare product quality throughout the manufacturing process to ensure it meets our customer’s expectations.

Our factory structure offers the familiarity of working with a local subcontractor, allowing you to enjoy the economic benefits and flexibility of manufacturing in China.

Since Qingdao has an international port, it is easier for us to get competitive sea transportation rates and ship our products worldwide without any trouble.

Why choose the Parking Block Direct?

Factory direct price

We are both a wheel stop manufacturer and distributor. One of the key reasons to choose us is we sell products at factory rates, allowing our customers to save a lot.

That is why several wholesalers and wheel stop shop owners purchase from us in bulk and then sell our products at market rates.

Wheel stops are being loaded at Parking Block Direct

Worldwide delivery

We ship our products in reliable packing worldwide. We ensure our products are delivered to your doorstep in the best possible condition for your public parking garage.

No matter where you live, contact us and learn about the shipping process, delivery date, or any other questions.

Parking stops being prepared for transportation at Parking Block Direct

Ten years of experience

At Parking Block Direct, we have around a decade of experience and have learned so much throughout this period.

We use our tried and tested techniques to manufacture innovative wheel stops with unmatchable quality.


We are both a wheel stop manufacturer and distributor. We use our tried and tested techniques to manufacture innovative wheel stops with unmatchable quality.

Years of Experience
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We have around a decade of experience and have learned so much throughout this period.

Countries to Sale
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We ship our products in reliable packing to different parts of the world no matter where you are.

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We manufacture parking blocks of six different dimensions to suit your parking needs.

What are our main parking block dimensions?

Looking for parking blocks in different dimensions? Then look no further than the Parking Block Direct because we have got you covered!

At Parking Block Direct, we manufacture parking blocks of different dimensions, including:

  • 2’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (550 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 3’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (900 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 4’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1220 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 5.5’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1650 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 6’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1830 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 6.5’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (2000 x 150 x 100 mm)

Feel free to discover our full range of Parking Blocks!

You can use all of them in a short-term parking space based on your vehicle’s width. However, it is ideal to choose wide parking curbs for wide vehicles and short ones for vehicles having a small width.

Different options for parking blocks

Planning to purchase car stops for your employee parking facility, car parking space, campus parking spot, airport parking place, or paid parking lot? Here are the different options for parking blocks that you can choose from!

Yellow/white reflective strips

Parking bumpers must be highly visible so drivers and pedestrians can see them from afar and take suitable action on time.

Some wheel stop manufacturers use yellow and white reflective strips to increase their products’ visibility in metered parking, disabled parking, monthly parking, monthly parking, on-street parking, or event parking structures.

These strips shine brightly when vehicular light falls on them, helping drivers of motor vehicles identify them.

You should choose wheel stops with reflective strips so drivers can detect them from afar. At Parking Block Direct, we also use yellow and white strips for visibility purposes. We allow our customers to request different colored strips as well.

Customize your logo

Some manufacturers allow customers to get their company’s logo molded in wheel stops. It lets you add a personal touch to your garage parking space tools.

So if you also want to personalize your wheel stops, you should purchase the ones with your company’s logo or name. At Parking Block Direct, you can request our expert teams to get your desired text or a logo molded in your purchased products.

What Are You Waiting For...


Parking Block Direct is a well-known wheel stop manufacturing company located in Qingdao.

Our Factory

Parking Block Direct

Our Location

Qingdao, China


How does our packing protect our wheel stoppers during shipping?

We ship our wheel stoppers worldwide using different air, road, and sea transportation means. We use quality packing materials to ensure our customers receive their products in the best possible condition, such as wooden crates and metal pallets.

We can also customize the wheel stop packaging for a motor-vehicle garage, public parking area, open parking space, RV parking area, standard parking station, or minute parking lot.

What are the most common wheel stop dimensions in the USA?

Countries have set different rules and regulations for speed bumps, markings, wheel stops, and other traffic management tools. You should learn about your local parking regulations before you purchase a product to ensure it complies well with your parking rules.

The most commonly used wheel stops in the USA have 4 and 6 feet lengths. They are seen in various parking facilities, including electric-vehicle charging stations, handicapped parking spaces, motorcycle parking garages, and guest parking areas.

Other lengths used in some areas in the USA are 2, 3, 5.5, and 6.5 feet. They are installed in residential parking, perpendicular parking, employee parking, guest parking, disabled parking, parallel parking lots, and garages.

At Parking Block Direct, we manufacture wheel stops in all these lengths. You do not need to go from place to place to buy wheel stops having different lengths when you can get them all in one place!

If you’d like to know more about us, please check here our About Us page.

Are our parking stop materials environmentally friendly?

Yes, of course! We take pride in providing our customers with eco-friendly parking stops!

At Parking Block Direct, we use 100% recycled material to manufacture parking bumpers. We produce Plastic-Rubber composite using standard protocols. We treat rubber to ensure our final products do not have an unpleasant rubber odor, which can be disturbing for street parking, hourly parking, or daily parking place users.

Our parking stops offer some other valuable benefits, such as:

  • They are easy to carry because they have two convenient handles.
  • They are lightweight as they are made up of Plastic-Rubber composite. You will probably not need a forklift to carry them from place to place in your day parking, monthly parking, airport parking, visitor parking, downtown parking, or public parking garages.
  • They have embedded glass bead reflective tapes to enhance their visibility. It makes them highly visible even at night, helping reduce pedestrian tripping hazards in a city parking garage. It also assists drivers in locating them at the right time and parking their vehicles correctly.
  • They have reinforced mounting holes that help with their installation and removal in temporary parking, economy parking, disability parking, or car parking area.
  • They are customizable. You can customize the reflective tape color and get your desired text or logo on the wheel stop according to your needs. It will help you add a personalized touch to your wheel stops and make them a marketing tool.
  • They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor bicycle parking, visitor parking, free public parking, additional parking, individual parking, and car parking space. It is because they can tolerate different weather conditions and UV radiations.
  • Compared to concrete and metal wheel stops, our Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops are low maintenance. Their color does not fade, and they do not develop cracks easily in metered parking, valet parking, on-street parking, reserved parking, green parking, center parking, designated parking, or paid parking spots.
  • Thanks to the expertise of our team, our products are tough and durable. You can use them for years in your free parking lot, street garage, EV charging station, Accessible parking structure, overnight parking spot, campus parking facility, large parking garage, special event parking area, and angle parking facility.

Customer Testimonials

Trusted by thousands of customers

“Exactly what I wanted and they don’t smell awful like I bought from other suppliers last time.”



“The tire stops are all good, no complaints. No rubber smell either, as some have said. Very, very heavy.”



“These garage car stops are awesome and heavy-duty. The price is also excellent.”



“They are better than the concrete wheel stoppers that I had that kept crumbling.”


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