We manufacture various wheel stops that are ideal for overnight parking spots, handicapped parking lots, electric vehicle charging stations, and public parking garages.

Our environmentally friendly products provide durable and cost-effective parking area solutions. 


2 feet car stops with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 2 feet / 550 mm car stops are small barriers installed on concrete or asphalt surfaces to prevent unwanted forward or backward movement of car wheels.

We offer incredible benefits, which are hard to find in other similar products in the market.

3 feet parking stoppers with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct


Our 3 feet / 900 mm long parking blocks are used in a pair to cover the entire width of a parking bay.

You can install them in indoor and outdoor parking spaces to prevent the unwanted movement of cars while parked.

4 feet wheel stops with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 4 feet / 1220 mm wheel stops offer remarkable features, including high durability, visibility, and easy installation.

You should try them if you are looking for a customizable rubber wheel stop to take your parking lot safety to the next level!

5.5 feet wheel stoppers with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 5.5 feet / 1650 mm long wheel stopper is ideal for car parking spaces.

It can stop cars of various sizes from moving out of their restrictive parking area.

6 feet parking curbs with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct


6 feet / 1830 mm wheel stops are valuable parking lot tools that help create a safe parking space for vehicles.

They act as a raised barrier that blocks vehicles’ forward or backward movement.

6.5 feet parking bumpers with accessories manufactured by Parking Block Direct

Our 6.5 feet / 2000 mm parking blocks are manufactured of a premium Plastic-Rubber composite, making them durable, versatile, and beneficial in many ways.

What is the standard size of our parking bumper?

Our parking bumpers, also known as wheel stops, are available in various dimensions to cater to different parking requirements.

Whether it’s street parking, visitor parking, handicapped parking, accessible parking, short-term parking, employee parking, special event parking, overnight parking, or downtown parking facilities, we have the right size for you.

Feel free to contact Parking Block Direct, we’re always here to help!

What are the different dimensions of parking bumpers?

Our parking bumpers are manufactured in different sizes to fulfill the needs of different parking lots, including street parking, visitor parking, handicapped parking, accessible parking, short-term parking, employee parking, special event parking, overnight parking, or downtown parking facilities.

We manufacture wheel stops in 6 different sizes. However, you can also request them in other sizes. 

Dimensions of our parking blocks are:

  • 2’ (550 mm): 2’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (550 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 3’ (900 mm): 3’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (900 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 4’ (1220 mm): 4’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1220 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 5.5’ (1650 mm): 5.5’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1650 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 6’ (1830 mm): 6’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1830 x 150 x 100 mm)
  • 6.5’ (2000 mm): 6.5’ x 6’’ x 4’’ (1830 x 150 x 100 mm)

How much does a parking lot stop weigh?

Our parking lot stops are lightweight because they are manufactured of Plastic-Rubber composite. It helps in carrying them from place to place in garage parking spots. They also have great weight-tolerating capabilities.

The weight of a particular product depends on its size. It is needless to say that larger wheel stops are heavier than smaller pieces.

How tall are parking blocks?

Our parking blocks are 4”(100 mm) tall. This height is ideal as it makes the tool a perfect barrier between walls and parked vehicles like motorcycles, buses, oversized vehicles, or cars in parking areas.

Advantages of using our parking blocks

Our parking blocks are unmatchable. They offer features that are hard to find anywhere else.

Whether you are looking for a wheel for a free public parking garage, daily parking facility, electric vehicle charging station, or residential parking lot, our wheel stops have all you need in this tool.

Here are some noteworthy benefits of installing them in a parking space.

  • Parking Block Direct wheel stops are long-lasting. They are manufactured of a reliable Plastic-Rubber composite that gives them traits of both rubber and plastic. They do not chip or crack easily, and their color stays intact for years, helping you reduce their maintenance cost.
  • They are made up of 100% recycled material. If you like having environmentally friendly items, our wheel stops are a must-have!
  • They are lightweight, so you may not need a helping hand to carry them in your standard parking garages, parking structures, public parking lots, downtown parking garages, or perpendicular parking areas.
  • Their installation does not require excavation. You need only a few tools, including a drilling machine and hex flange coach screws, to fix them to a city parking spot, car parking area, free parking lot, reserved parking site, or individual parking area. If you know how to use a drilling machine, you may be able to install wheel stops on your own, which will help you save on installation costs.
  • Their mounting holes are reinforced to improve their longevity and efficacy in parking lots and garages.
  • You can easily carry them using handles designed at both ends of the tool.
  • Their embedded glass bead reflective tape enhances their visibility at night. These tapes are either yellow or white, shining when light falls on them. It helps drivers and pedestrians identify them from a distance. It reduces pedestrian tripping hazards.
  • At Parking Block Direct, we allow our clients to customize their products. It means you can request them in the different reflective tape colors you want. In addition, you can get your company’s logo, slogan, or any other desired text molded on the tool for marketing or aesthetic purposes.
  • Their base has two cable channels designed specifically for wires exposed to damage caused by heavy motor vehicles.
  • We try to assist our clients as much as we can. That is why we send free heavy-duty mounting hardware with our products to help them install wheel stops properly.
  • We treat our raw material thoroughly to remove its toxic smell. Our tools are ideal for both indoor and outdoor public parking garages because they do not have an unpleasant rubber smell. Their presence will not disturb your city parking garage users in any way.
  • Parking Block Direct wheel stops are tough. They can work efficiently for years requiring only a little maintenance. They are water-resistant and UV-resistant. It means installing them in outdoor parking options is totally fine. Direct exposure to sun rays, rain, and environmental factors will not harm them.
  • Our products are available at factory rates. You can purchase them for your own parking lot or a wheel stop shop at very reasonable prices.
A lot of black car stops with yellow reflective films placed together
Detailed view of the parking curbs, including the bottom view

How do our parking stops work?

Our parking stops have an elongated raised surface that acts as a barrier and prevents unwanted movement of vehicles in parking spaces or EV charging stations.

They are installed around 2 feet away from a wall or a fixed object to inform drivers about the parking spot limit. They tell them that no forward or backward movement is allowed anymore, and they must stop moving their car, or else they will run over the designated parking space.

This way, drivers park their vehicles at the right spot without covering a monthly parking, large parking garage, restricted parking area or sidewalk. Vehicles look well-organized, and the whole parking structure stays well-managed. These tools also reduce the risk of collision of vehicles (that are being parked) with parked vehicles and parking lot objects.

How to install our car stops?

Our car stops are easy to install because they do not require excavation. You can install them in a few minutes without disturbing traffic flow in motorcycle parking, disabled parking, valet parking, metered parking, campus parking, green parking, guest parking, parallel parking, hourly parking, or motorcycle parking places.

Mark where you want to install the wheel stops in a parking lot or garage. Place a wheel stop on the ground and mark the position of its holes using chalk. Now, create holes in the ground using a drilling machine. Remove dust from these holes and place the wheel stop above them. Now insert mounting hardware inside these holes and fix them.

You should learn your local parking regulations before you install these tools. These regulations will tell you where exactly to install them. You can use vehicle parking markings, ramps, and other similar tools with wheel stops to improve the overall management of your public parking garages.

Why are our parking curbs necessary?

Our parking curbs offer more than the average parking curbs available in the market. They can help you improve your garage parking space in the following ways.

  • To maintain a proper distance between parked vehicles
  • To keep a suitable distance between cars and walls
  • To prevent unwanted vehicular movement
  • To prevent drivers from parking vehicles on sidewalks
  • To maintain a proper structure in a paid parking, day parking, or per-hour parking lot
  • To increase vehicular and pedestrian safety in a paid parking lot, car parking space, or free parking space

How to use our car stops effectively?

You can use our car stops effectively by installing them at the right place. To make the most of this tool, you should maintain a proper distance between a wall and a wheel stop.

Ideally, a car stop should be 2.5 feet from a wall or a fixed object. Installing it near the wall will increase the risk of collision.

If you are installing multiple wheel stops in international airport parking, on-street parking, or general parking lots, you should maintain 3 feet distance between adjacent wheel stops.

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How far should you park from our parking lot bumper?

The distance between a parking lot bumper and a car should be minimal. You should park your vehicle 3 to 5 inches away from our wheel stop so you do not accidentally drive over it.

What are our most popular parking curbs for sale?

Our clients, including wholesalers, online shop owners, etc., love all our products. However, our most popular products among people are 4 feet and 6 feet long parking curbs. We also provide other widely used dimensions, including 2 feet, 3 feet, 5.5 feet, and 6.5 feet.

We hope the provided information will help you make a good buying decision. If you still have questions or cannot decide which tool is the right choice for your parking lot, our experts can help you remove your confusion. Reach out to us today to resolve your queries!

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