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What are the Purposes of Using Parking Lot Stops?

The design of the parking lot is crucial in transforming a parking area prone to accidents into one that is well-organized and reduces damage and harm. Any secure parking lot must include both parking stops and bollards.

Both tend to be used interchangeably in people’s minds rather frequently. But if we think about it rationally, parking spaces and bollards serve quite different objectives.

Parking stops prevent slow-moving automobiles from straying beyond their allotted parking area. In contrast, bollards have the more important function of preventing a moving vehicle from causing damage to nearby structures or endangering pedestrians. However, parking spots and bollards act as traffic safety barriers to make your lot safe and orderly.

Parking lot stops are utilized for purposes other than simply stopping moving vehicles. They serve as a barrier to stop various problems throughout the property.

Parking stops are most frequently used to stop vehicles from colliding with one another and to prevent encroachment on the adjacent parking space. This keeps a parking lot tidy and guards against car damage.

Additionally, they aid in reducing the car overhang, which could be hazardous for nearby pedestrians. It gives pedestrians room to maneuver around the car without risk safely.

Several times, a driver might neglect to apply the hand brake before exiting the vehicle on an uphill. A properly placed parking stop will prevent the car from advancing above the specified point.

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Who requires to use parking lot stops?

Parking lot owners, garage owners, or road safety departments will need parking stops.

Parking lots are typically built with one thing in mind: organizing cars, particularly how to put the most vehicles into the limited space at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, parking lot owners are required to use wheel stops to organize cars in a limited space.

Black car wheel stopper with yellow reflective films manufactured by Parking Block Direct.

Why are wheel stoppers so effective in parking lots?

Wheel stoppers can prevent contact with buildings like walls, high curbs, bollards, and posts up ahead. Therefore, stops are even employed as traffic medians when equipped with delineators to establish strong visual borders for a more orderly parking lot.

The ADA and the Department of Justice advise installing wheel stops or comparable devices. Additionally, it is covered under several state laws.

Wheel stops are an efficient approach to stop vehicle overhangs from limiting the clear width of accessible roads. To assist you in finding your ADA-accessible parking spot even more easily, handicapped blue parking stops are available.

However, the optimal wheel stop installation is for them to be no wider than 6.5 feet, in contrast, with colors for excellent visibility. The location ought to be exactly in the middle of the parking spaces. For the convenience of foot traffic, a minimum 3-foot pedestrian passage will be left between the wheel stops.

Black parking bumpers with yellow reflective films installed in a parking lot to organize parking.
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Advantages of using parking curbs

Here are the benefits of using parking lots stop:

1. Environmentally conscious

Rubber waste from various sources is used to make parking stops. It is already in its raw form when it gets to us and is then used to create great parking stop solutions.

2. To deter vandals

One of the most important benefits of using parking lot stops is to deter vandals. Vandals are notorious for damaging cars that are left unattended in parking lots. This can range from minor dents and scratches to broken windows, tires, or stolen parts.

Parking lot security facilities such as wheel stoppers can act as a physical barrier between your car and any potential damage caused by vandals. They create an additional obstacle, making it more difficult for vandals to access your car. This can help to deter them from targeting your vehicle and potentially causing damage.

3. To make it harder for car thieves to find your car

Installing parking lot stops, also known as parking curbs or wheel stoppers, is one way to make it more difficult for car thieves to target your vehicle.

These devices can be installed at the end of parking lanes, elevator entrances, public parking garages, and in designated and free parking lots. The purpose of these parking lot stops is to prevent vehicles from rolling away by physically preventing them from moving any further.

Using parking lot stops with other protective measures like paid parking lots, licensed plate numbers, and Towed charge points can make it even harder for car thieves to locate your car and attempt to steal it.

By using parking lot stops, you can create a physical barrier that will act as an extra layer of protection for your car and help deter potential vandals or car thieves from targeting it.

Black and yellow parking lot curb stops to help drivers parking.

4. To protect your car from weather damage

Parking lot stops, also known as wheel stoppers or parking bumpers, are an important addition to any parking lot. These parking stops provide a physical barrier between your car and the elements, helping to protect it from rain, snow, sleet, and even strong winds.

By parking your car next to a wheel stopper, you can ensure that your car is shielded from the weather, no matter what kind of conditions Mother Nature throws at it.

Furthermore, parking lot stops can help to prevent water or debris from collecting around the wheels of your car, which can reduce wear and tear over time. To make sure your car stays in pristine condition, use parking lot stops whenever you park in a public lot.

5. It Helps in Organizing Vehicles in a Small Parking Space

Using parking lot stops, or wheel stoppers is an efficient way to keep your vehicles organized and safe in a small parking space. Parking curbs are installed at the entrance of a parking lot and/or at the curb of a parking site. This helps to ensure that vehicles don’t take up more space than necessary and that no cars park beyond the designated parking area.

Additionally, parking curbs and wheel stoppers make it easier to navigate through a parking lot without feeling overwhelmed by the number of parked cars.

Kiosk parking, curbside parking, off-parking, transportation services, cell phone lot, guest parking, center parking, and site parking are all common types of parking lots.

A parking lot typically comprises aisles, with cars parked at each end. In these cases, a wheel stopper or parking curb can help to keep traffic moving efficiently and to prevent drivers from having to search for an open spot.

On the other hand, a public parking garage is typically composed of several levels and can be quite large. Wheel stoppers can be useful when organizing vehicles in such a large space.

By using these tools, drivers are able to distinguish which spaces are taken and which are available clearly. They also serve as a physical reminder to other drivers to keep the area clear to find a spot.

In conclusion, parking curbs can be highly beneficial when organizing vehicles in a small parking space. It makes it easier for drivers to find an open spot, keeps traffic moving efficiently, and prevents cars from taking up more space than necessary.

Black and yellow parking lot stops used to organize parking.
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Top Reasons why you Need a Parking Curb

These are the top reasons you need a parking lot stop:

1. Avoids collisions in your commercial parking

To block cars from parking on medians, sidewalks, or other prohibited places, wheel stops are installed in parking spaces. They prevent drivers from pushing through a parking place or doing other unsafe movements by physically blocking the wheels of a car.

By doing this, harm to other vehicles, fragile landscapes, walkways, and buildings is avoided. When used in industries and warehouses, wheel stops can safeguard other motorized vehicles like forklift trucks.

2. Helps to increase traffic flow

There is a significant probability that your parking lot is crowded during the busiest times of the day if you are one of several property owners.

Customers and personnel entering and leaving the property are also considered in this. Parking lots and wheel stops are necessary to build your parking lot most effectively while upholding federal and state safety regulations.

3. Improves the Look of Your Commercial Parking Lot Overall

Parking curbs assist preserve the appearance of your parking lot in addition to providing safety.

A black and white car parking stopper.
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Nowadays, parking bumpers are essential to traffic management tools. It should be mandated by the Department of Transportation that these blocks be used in major parking areas.

The use of parking stops is a growing trend. They serve as a safety-calming element in public parking lots, college campuses, business parks, and malls. Every business owner wants to ensure that customers feel safe parking there.

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