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What are the roles and features of wheel stops?

Wheel stoppers are installed in parking lots, private parking areas, on-street parking locations, and other vehicle parking facilities. They are meant to guide drivers to safely park their vehicles in the right positions.

Traffic passes daily in a parking area, so it requires wheel stops to ensure the car stops at the right place, protecting it from hitting nearby cars and pedestrians.

The purpose of parking stops is the prevention of vehicles from being parked on the sidewalks or other restricted areas.

In addition, they are meant to obstruct car wheels physically, keep drivers from pulling through the parking space, and prevent other risks that might maneuver in the parking lot.

Over the years,  wheel stops have been increasing because of their effectiveness and usefulness. Wheel stops are becoming popular because they effectively prevent accidental collisions of vehicles and accidents with pedestrians while in the parking area.

Keep reading this article to learn more about wheel stops and why they must be installed in parking areas.

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How Can Wheel Stops Help You Parking

Perhaps you are navigating on the third storey of a commercial car park. Would you feel comfortable driving close to the edge of the floor? If you are going to a multi-storey mall, is it necessary to struggle to estimate how close you are to hitting another vehicle while parking?

Regarding these questions, wheel stops serve as a boundary and a car safety device that assist drivers while parking. They provide parking barriers and are placed at the end of parking spaces to assist the drivers with parking their vehicles. Wheel stops are meant to guide drivers to be attentive to prevent their vehicles from encroaching on the sidewalks.

The wheel stops ensure that the cars do not move to the pedestrians’ sidewalks while in the parking area and also help people protect their vehicles while in the parking area.

Parking areas are very important, especially in cities. However, with the increasing number of vehicles, there is a need for organized parking areas to minimize accidents and traffic. Wheel stops enable drivers to be organized while parking their cars in the parking areas, even without driver assistance.

They are also suitable for improving the driving experience, especially for those who own a sport sedan car; Jaguar, BMW x5, BMW x1, Bmw x3, BMW x4, Hatchback, BMW m5, Benz, SUV, Range Rover, or heavy-duty trailers.

Wheel stops are designed to stop drivers from parking where vehicles should not be parked and instruct the drivers on the right positions for them to pack their vehicles.

They are supplied in designated colors that are meant to indicate the disabled parking and loading zones that are reserved—they serve as the parking guidance for drivers preventing them from parking on sidewalks and other restricted areas.

A black car is parked in a parking space with the assistance of a black and yellow wheel stop.
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Why is it important to install parking stops in your parking area?

Parking stops, also called parking blocks or car parking bumpers, are installed in off-street parking lots, parking areas, leveling blocks, and many other parking facilities, like a loading dock. One advantage of the wheel stops is that they ensure a proper distance between vehicles and eliminate a blind spot in the parking area.

Parking stops are commonly installed in front of a parking slot and are meant to inform drivers not to go beyond the wheel stops before parking the wheels. Indeed, the parking stops ensure that the drivers park their vehicles in the designated areas without covering the zone designated for pedestrians.

Additionally, parking stops decrease the chances of the vehicle-to-vehicle collision that may occur if the cars are parked in a tighter space.

They are also important to electric vehicle charging stations. When used with an informative sign and wheel stops, parking stops allow electric vehicle drivers to identify the wheel stops and park at the right position when in a vehicle charging station.

Moreover, parking stops are used in commercial areas and help people to park their cars safely. They are also useful in maintaining order and providing safe walking lanes for pedestrians’ parking options. Multi-storey parking buildings have a high experience of heavy vehicle traffic, and wheel stops will help mark car-parking spaces and maintain a good traffic flow.

Like any other road safety measures, wheel stops have a design to ensure reasonable customization and can be deployed anywhere that requires guidance.

Black and yellow parking wheel stops installed in an underground parking lot.

What are the tips that one should remember when installing wheel stops?

Although installing wheel stops is advantageous, you can enjoy the benefits of installing them only if you use the correct wheel stop and at the right place. Here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind while installing wheel stops.

  • Avoid installing wheel stops in block paving

Wheel stops are made of different materials, including rubber, plastic, Plastic-Rubber composite, steel, metal, and concrete. Choose the material according to your needs. Plastic and rubber should be your way to go if you want a temporary wheel stop.

  • It is important to check the building codes and the local requirements for wheel installation

You should maintain a proper distance between the driveway curb and a wheel stopper, so the vehicle can stop at the right place without hitting the curb. Leave a space where a vehicle can drive to confirm the availability of parking.



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Bonus Tip

From the article above, you can ascertain that wheel stops have many advantages. Like any other safety management tool, wheel stoppers ensure that pedestrians and drivers have a safe time on roads and in parking spaces.

On their own, wheel stops are limited to parking but can be used with other devices, such as speed humps, to form an integral role that helps improve commercial park safety.

They are a guide that helps drivers park and maintain a good distance from walls and other vehicles in the parking area and are installed in various places and serve the same purpose.

Car wheel stops are manufactured of different materials and should be placed in a lit place where drivers parking their cars can easily see them.

You can therefore consider the material that best suits your traffic control needs. As a driver, you should not drive over wheel stops for one reason they can damage your vehicle. Despite their potential benefits, it is important to note that there is no particular size-fits-all solution for selecting the right wheel stop type.

Rubber or Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops remain among the most popular choices for business owners, but they should conduct good research to make a good decision while selecting the right size and type that will best fit their parking needs. The parking area choice should be considered while selecting the material used in making the wheel stop that you should acquire.

A black car wheel stopper with yellow reflective films made of Plastic-Rubber composite.

Frequently asked questions about parking stops

What exactly is a wheel stop?

Wheel stops are traffic management and control devices applied in the parking lot to assist drivers in parking their cars in order. Parkings without wheel stops can cause damage to the bumper, headlights, tires, and mirrors.

You need a clear rearview not to hit pedestrians or other light-duty cars so you can brake fast, similar to when you see bumps ahead. So, always check your tire pressure and choose standard equipment to install wheel stops.

What are the basic features of wheel stops?

Wheel stops have many features that will assist you in keeping your green parking, guest parking, paid parking, and general parking structures well-organized and maintained. These features include:

  • Wheel stops reflective films. The films shine when lights fall on them, allowing visibility in the parking area even at night.
  • Wheel stops resist weather conditions, making them useful and suitable for indoor and outdoor places.
  • Wheel stops can bear heavy volumes and are not damaged even if a vehicle accidentally drives over them.
  • Wheel stops can be used for both temporary and permanent purposes.

Where can you install wheel stops?

You can install wheel stops in several places, including; residential areas, commercial areas, multi-story parking buildings, and industrial estates where steering is easy. 

Two black and yellow parking curbs are installed in front of the EV charging station to assist with parking and protect the charging station.
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Wheel stops are an essential element in any parking lot, helping to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists. Their features can vary depending on the size and configuration of the parking area, but they are all designed with a specific purpose: to protect people and property.

Wheel stops provide a clear visual reminder to drivers of the limits of their parking space. They help keep vehicles from encroaching on other spaces or areas they should not be in. They can be easily removed and reinstalled, so they are a great option for temporary applications or moving to a new parking location.

Whether you need wheel stops for permanent or temporary use, they offer an invaluable service that will help ensure the safety of everyone in your parking lot.

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