How can Wheel Stops Help You Parking?

Are wheel stops of assistance in the parking areas? Parking facilities can be large, complicated, unnecessarily confusing, and sometimes hard to drive by. However, parking serves an important role for drivers as it is a point of passage for the driver from the car to other forms of transportation services regarding their typical use. 

A well-designed wayfinding signage system can communicate critical navigation information that will increase utilization and visibility, thus reducing confusion and improving safety for drivers while parking. Read on for useful tips on how drivers can use wheel stops and park safely.

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Providing a Visual Indication of Where Vehicles Should Be Parked

Wheel stops display visual indications to assist drivers and notify them how to park their cars safely. Indeed, wheel stops visual indicators are always clear, with visual signs intended to instruct the drivers on how to move their vehicles around by the parking policy.

The advance in technology in the current years has led to improvements in the parking spot with the wheel stops and visual indications of where you should park your vehicle also improving.

The wheel stops are useful parking aids in the parking lot that assist drivers in identifying the spots where they will park their vehicles safely.

Nowadays, the parking facilities are accompanied by a parking detection system that monitors the actual occupancy of a parking lot, parking options, and the parking spaces available, providing its managers with valuable information that assists the drivers in navigating their way to available wheel stops for the safety of their vehicles.

Black and yellow car stops used to prevent vehicles from encroaching into restricted areas.

Protecting Pedestrians from Being Struck by Vehicles

Wheel stops segregate pedestrians from moving vehicles by providing separate routes for pedestrians and vehicles. They are barriers and have parking signs to limit drivers from moving their vehicles to areas preserved for pedestrians.

Parking stops provide pedestrians and drivers with signs emphasizing that they are leaving a protected area and entering an area with hazards therefore, they should be put in the Parking zones with parking availability. This will ensure that drivers and pedestrians take extra care in car parking and motorcycle parking.

In addition, there are Parking structures for all vehicles and disabled drivers. So,  Parking violations are common, especially in public parking lots, designated parking spots, city parking, on-street parking lots, open parking, residential parking, and drop-off areas where there is no parking attendant.

Other parking where pedestrians need to take care of includes Ev charging spots, angle parking spaces, handicapped parking, and reserved parking. So, drivers are not allowed to park anywhere but utilize the space where free parking is available, garage parking space, or any vehicle parking structure.

Black and yellow parking lot curbs used to help drivers parking their vehicles safely and accurately.

Preventing Vehicles from Driving Over Curbs

Parking close to a curb can be easy, but many drivers hit the curb. Here are some ways wheel stops can help you drive safely at the curb.

  • Drive into the Spot

One of the best ways to avoid hitting a curb is by driving at a spot that will help you see the curb as you approach it. If the parking facility permits parallel parking, use the adjacent car to judge the curb’s distance. This is important for overnight parking or using the visitor parking lot.

  • Slow and Steady

While driving to a curb, you should drive slowly. Remember that if you hit the curb too hard, you can destroy the alignment of your tire. Slow down when you approach the curb and do not forget to check the wheel stops when approaching pedestrians.

  • Ensure that you Straighten Your Car

You should ensure that before parking your car, you have straightened up. The best tip for parking along the curb is to utilize your parking space. You can straighten by pulling back or out to achieve parallel parking. Checking your mirrors and looking behind if you decide to reverse is the best option.

It is important to remember that wheel stops exist for a reason. Therefore, while you are trying to park along a curb, ensure that you set your mirrors so that you can see the left and the right. However, you will not be able to see the curb if your mirrors are placed in the right positions, but it should not be a problem.

Black parking lot bumpers with yellow markings used to help parking.



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Prevent Vehicles from Leaving a Parking Area

Leaving your car in vulnerable situations is one of the reasons one should worry when you park your vehicle, but with the help of wheel stops, you do not have to worry.

Here are some tips that can help prevent your car from leaving the parking area together with the assistance of wheel stops.

  • Lock your vehicles Doors, Windows, and the Trunk

This is one of the most minimal car breaks-in and prevention tips that can help prevent criminals from stealing your car. Since time is of the essence and the less time a thief will spend trying not to get caught, the less effort that they are likely to be caught.

Locking your vehicle’s door, rolling down all your windows, and closing the trunk before leaving the parking area can save you from thieves who may try to break into your car.

  • Pick a Better Place to Park

 Where you park your vehicle matters decreases or increases the chances of being stolen. Is your car parked in a public parking lot? Is it open, or is it closed off? Are there plenty of pedestrians, or is the place light or dark? All these are some important questions that you should consider before you park. With this in mind, the more open and lit the place you park, the safe the car. Parking your car in a secluded place gives a person with bad intention time to plan and steal your car with all its stuff.

  • Avoid Leaving Your Car Running

Before driving, during winter, some people like to leave their cars running and move around to complete their chores. Leaving your car running paves the way for thieves to steal without struggling and risk other adjacent cars in the street parking or the parking garage. You should therefore do yourself a favor by sitting in your car while it warms up, and you should also never set your vehicle in idling while you are away.

Black and yellow parking curb stops installed at a parking lot.


Many causes may lead to accidents and losses in the parking lot, but wheel stops help eliminate most accidents. With the above tips in this article, drivers can park their cars safely in the parking lot without causing unnecessary inconveniences.

Additionally, it is important to take precautions even when you are in a hurry, such as obtaining parking permits at the parking garage to prevent your car from leaving the parking area. Having mentioned that, the more responsible and aware of where you leave your vehicle, the more secure it is when you park it.

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