Parking stopper 3 feet

Looking for a durable and effective solution to make your parking lot well-organized and safe? Then our parking blocks are exactly what your parking space needs.

Parking Block Direct parking stops are 3 feet / 900 mm long. They are used in a pair to cover the entire width of a parking bay.

You can install them in indoor and outdoor parking spaces to prevent the unwanted movement of cars while parked. They are tough and offer features that are hard to find anywhere else!

Discover here our full range of Wheel Stops & Parking Blocks!

Length 3 feet / 900 mm  Each parking stop includes:
– 2 galvanised hex flange coach screws
– 2 plastic anchors (polypropylene)
– 2 plastic caps (polypropylene)
– Embedded 2 glass bead reflective tapes on each side
– You can also choose the film color between yellow and white
Width 6 inches / 150 mm
Height 4 inches / 100 mm
Color Black & Yellow / Black & White
Material Plastic-Rubber composite

Are our raw materials environmentally friendly?

We at Parking Block Direct take environmental protection seriously. Our products are made up of a blend of recycled rubber and plastic; hence, they are 100% recyclable.

We use a high-quality, durable material to manufacture our parking curbs. Rubber gives them the flexibility to adjust according to the ground’s surface. It is also not very harsh on a car’s wheels if it accidentally drives over them. Added plastic gives them the strength they need to last for years. It ensures the parking stop is solid enough to create a tough barrier in parking lots.

Concrete, plastic, and wooden parking lot stops are less beneficial than the Plastic-Rubber composite. Concrete is very heavy; therefore, you need help to carry concrete wheel stops from place to place. They are very rigid and can develop cracks over time. They also come in one color, i.e., grey. You must paint them any other color if you want to give them any other color.

Plastic is also not very durable and requires maintenance. It is hard and can damage wheels when they collide with a plastic parking curb in a garage parking, visitor parking, or street parking lot. Wooden parking stoppers are the least beneficial as wood is weak comparatively and can break under the weight of heavy vehicles like cars.

Our wheel stops in all dimensions are made of environmentally friendly material: Plastic-Rubber composite. If you are interested in other sizes, feel free to check our list here:

Feel free to contact us!

Is it easy to spot our car stop at night?

The safety of a free parking lot or public parking space users is very important. Hence, we use effective techniques to make our products highly visible.

Our garage parking stopper has thick and resistant reflective tapes that shine when light falls on them. Our standard products have yellow or white tape, but you can customize the color.

Each 900 mm parking curb stop has two reflective tape segments on either side. It makes the tool visible from both sides, helping drivers park their vehicles without hitting the parking lot curb. It also helps pedestrians prevent a tripping hazard.

Other worth-mentioning features of our parking wheel stop are:

  • Our products do not produce the unpleasant smell that similar rubber products usually produce.
  • They are easy to carry because they have convenient handles on both sides.
  • Do you want to avoid digging the ground to install a car parking stopper? Our products are the right choice for your campus, overnight, or general parking areas. You can fix them to the ground with screw fixings (that we provide for free with our products).
  • You can customize their reflective tape color or embed a text or logo. We can also customize their packing as per your requirements.

Can our parking stops be installed on any type of surface?

The good thing about our parking stoppers is that you can install them on different surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, and gravel. You can also install them in various parking lots to meet all your vehicle parking area safety and organization needs.

Enlisted below are the places where you can install our wheel stop.

Disabled parking or handicapped parking options: These areas have designated areas for disabled people and provide them with enough space they need to park their vehicles and come out of them safely. Here, you can install our tools having different reflective tape colors to help people distinguish between handicapped and normal parking areas.

Green parking areas: You can install our eco-friendly parking stoppers in a green parking garage to make it even more environmentally friendly.

Electric vehicle charging stations: Our parking stoppers will help you keep expensive electric vehicle chagrining machines safe. They allow station owners to maintain a reasonable distance between an electric vehicle and a charging machine.

Public parking garages: These places have heavy vehicular traffic and require proper management. Our wheel stoppers allow people to park their vehicles without hitting another vehicle, wall, or nearby object in a guest parking, city parking, standard parking, or garage parking space.

Monthly parking spots: These areas allow motorists to keep their vehicles parked for a long duration. Our parking stoppers can help you improve the safety of expensive vehicles by maintaining a proper distance between them for around a month.

Residential parking facility: You need a car parking wheel stopper in your residential parking space to make it safe for your loved ones, vehicles, and property.

Office parking lot or employee parking area: Allow your employees to park their motor vehicles in your accessible parking spaces, parking lots, and garages without worrying about their vehicle’s safety. Our 900 mm long wheel stop will keep a safe vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-wall distance in a free parking space or city parking garage.

Airport parking services: These parking structures are very hectic and require effective management solutions. Our parking stoppers can be very beneficial in making a large parking garage well-structured and ordered.

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