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Parking Block Direct is a well-known wheel stop manufacturing company located in Qingdao.

Since 2013, we have produced and distributed premium-quality products across different countries to help people improve vehicular and pedestrian safety in public parking lots and garages.

We manufacture various wheel stops that are ideal for overnight parking spots, handicapped parking lots, electric vehicle charging stations, and public parking garages.

Our environmentally friendly products provide durable and cost-effective parking area solutions. We use the best material and manufacturing techniques to ensure they resist UV radiation, moisture damage, temperature variations, and chemicals.


We started with one wheel stop type in 2013 to test our skills, techniques, and materials.

However, after seeing the high demand for our products and our customer’s trust, we decided to expand our product variety.

Our team of qualified professionals now manufactures parking blocks in 6 commonly used sizes, including 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5.5 feet, 6 feet, and 6.5 feet.

We can also customize the logo or reflective film colors based on our client’s specific needs. 

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We deal with a variety of clients from across the world. Most of our clients are wholesalers and e-commerce shop owners who purchase our products at factory rates and then sell them at market rates.

We also work with companies and contractors who want to improve the performance of their visitor parking facilities, garage parking spots, hourly parking options, downtown parking garages, and individual parking zones by installing our products.

Our products are shipped directly from China to the destination. We use high-quality packing material to ensure your purchased products arrive on your doorstep in the best possible condition.

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Parking Block Direct is a well-known wheel stop manufacturing company located in Qingdao.

Our Factory

Parking Block Direct

Our Location

Qingdao, China



Why can you trust our Parking Block Direct wheel stops?

People from different countries purchase our products for their high reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. If you, too, are planning to invest in our wheel stops, here is why you should purchase from us.

10+ years of experience

We have been producing different forms of wheel stops for around a decade.

Over the years, our qualified professionals have learned many new techniques and methods of refining raw materials and converting them into high-quality wheel stops. We can manufacture car stops according to parking lot regulations imposed by different governments.

Professional team

Parking Block Direct has highly skilled workers who know what they are doing. From selecting the raw material to designing wheel stops, they perform each task efficiently using their years of knowledge and expertise.

If you have any confusion or cannot decide which wheel stop is suitable for your EV charging station, park garage, or free parking lot, our experts are always available to guide you and help you choose the best product.

Export to many countries

We have clients all over the world. We use air, water, and road transportation to deliver our products in the best possible condition.

We use heavy-duty steel collars or wooden pellets to pack our products for a public parking garage or free parking space. However, you can also request custom-made packing.

So, no matter where you live, contact us today to learn more about our order placement and delivery process. We are happy to answer your queries!

Environmentally-friendly materials

We use recycled rubber and plastic to manufacture wheel stops for short-term parking, daily parking, station parking, or free public parking space. It makes our products 100% eco-friendly.

Since environmental pollution is increasing worldwide, we should invest more in environmentally friendly products to save the world from irreparable damage.

If you are looking for eco-friendly products for your temporary parking, designated parking, additional parking, blue parking, vehicle parking, or public parking area, you should check our wheel stops made up of recycled Plastic-Rubber composite.

Our eco-friendly, long-lasting, and reliable products are suitable for different free parking structures, including valet parking, self-parking, reserved parking, angle parking, minute parking, general parking, RV parking, and EV charging point.

We hope this information will help you select the right product and make a better buying decision. Contact us to learn more about our products or get a quote!

How to buy from the Parking Block Direct?

Looking to purchase parking blocks directly and conveniently? Feel free to contact us, and our professional sales team will assist you as soon as possible!

Contact us for free quotes

Want to purchase parking blocks using a hassle-free buying process? Contact us now and learn how you can do that. Message us anytime to get free quotes, receive additional information about our products, and learn about the delivery process.

Couldn’t decide which dimension to use? Our expert team is willing to help!

We manufacture parking stoppers in several dimensions. Each dimension is suitable for a specific kind of garage parking space. You can contact our experts for guidance if you do not know which dimension is the right choice for your public parking lots or EV charging stations. They will carefully listen to your specific needs and inform you about the benefits of each parking bumper dimension so you can figure out which one matches your needs the best.

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