Car stop 2 feet

Do you need an effective wheel stop solution for your parking lots? Our car wheel stoppers might be what you are looking for!

Parking Block Direct car stops are small barriers (550 mm long) installed on concrete or asphalt surfaces to prevent unwanted forward or backward movement of car wheels.

We offer incredible benefits, which are hard to find in any other similar product in the market. Some of the key features that highlight their advantages are:

  • Glass bead reflective tape to enhance their visibility
  • Handles to carry them easily

Discover here our full range of Wheel Stops & Parking Blocks!

Length 2 feet / 550 mm Each parking stop includes:
– 2 galvanised hex flange coach screws
– 2 plastic anchors (polypropylene)
– 2 plastic caps (polypropylene)
– Embedded 2 glass bead reflective tapes on each side
– You can also choose the film color between yellow and white
Width 6 inches / 150 mm
Height 4 inches / 100 mm
Color Black & Yellow / Black & White
Material Plastic-Rubber composite

Which are the most frequently used dimensions of a car stop?

You can find a car stop from the market in several dimensions depending on their lengths. However, the most commonly used wheel stop length in a public parking garage is 2 feet (550 mm). It is very convenient for parking lot owners to install them and for car drivers to park their vehicles in front of them.

Two wheel stops of this length are installed in a lane, one for each front wheel of the car, to inform the driver about the parking space limit in a parking space.

They usually have 100 mm height, not allowing car tires to drive over them easily. You can install them around 2 feet away from the curb or a general parking wall. It will allow the driver to maintain a safe distance between his car and the wall.

However, if you are looking for smaller car parking bumpers for a garage parking spot or larger wheel stops for a larger parking space, we also have other sizes for you to choose from:

 You will not have to go anywhere else to find car stops in different dimensions!

Feel free to contact us!

Where should our car wheel stopper be placed?

To increase their safety and efficacy, you can install our versatile rubber car stops in various parking spaces.

Some popular places where people use them are:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations or EV charging stations maintain a proper distance between a charging car and the charging machine
  • Long-term parking facilities to ensure parked cars have an adequate distance between them
  • Handicapped parking or disabled parking options to help disabled people get enough safe places in parking areas
  • Airport parking spots to make these busy places well-organized and maintained
  • Public parking garages or public parking lots to increase their vehicular safety
  • Residential parking areas to make sure your property, cars, and loved ones are safe in the garage
  • Event parking areas to help guests and event attendees park their vehicles the right way
  • Hourly parking spaces to allow vehicle owners to park vehicles in an appropriate space
  • Employee parking spaces to make your office a better place for all
  • Short-term parking facilities to give people a proper parking structure to place their vehicles safely for a few hours
  • Multi-story car parks to maintain the flow of vehicles in a huge parking area

The good thing about our car parking stopper is that you can install it on various surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and gravel. They are manufactured of recycled rubber, making them flexible enough to adjust to different surfaces.

What are the benefits of choosing Parking Block Direct garage wheel stops?

Parking Block Direct garage wheel stops offer advantages that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Enlisted below are the key benefits of using our tool in your paid parking spaces.

Environmentally friendly material: All our products are made of recycled rubber and plastic, making them eco-friendly. If you are an organization that cares a lot about environmental sustainability, our products can help you meet your goal of making the environment better for future generations.

Durable: Our car stops are high-density and resistant to damaging UV radiations. It means you can install them in an outdoor car parking space or paid parking lot without having to worry about their durability. They will last for years and help you save bucks in the long run.

Factory direct price: We have been manufacturing and supplying car stops for over a decade. Our products are available at very reasonable rates. This is why wholesalers and parking stop shop owners buy these products from us at factory prices and then sell them at market rates. You can order a bulk or even a single wheel stop from us based on your needs at factory rates.

No toxic rubber smell: Many wheel stops available in the market produce a toxic rubber smell that makes a parking garage unsafe and inefficient for people. Thanks to the premium recycled rubber we use to make car stops; our products produce little to no bad odor.

High visibility: Our traffic stops have embedded glass bead reflective tapes that make them visible even at night. If your parking areas are not well-lit, you will not have to worry much about their visibility.

Traffic safety and traffic control devices like traffic cones, speed humps, speed bumps, speed cushions, and bollards can be used with our products to improve pedestrian safety on roadways and garage parking lots.

Want to learn more about our car stops? Feel free to message us and get your queries resolved!

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