Wheel stopper 5.5 feet

Wheel stoppers are small barriers or obstacles installed in parking lots to prevent vehicles from moving backward or forward in a parking space.

Parking Block Direct wheel stoppers come in various sizes to make parking garages safe for all. Our 5.5 feet / 1650 mm long wheel stopper is ideal for car parking spaces. It can stop cars of various sizes from moving out of their restrictive parking area.

They are multipurpose – you can use them to prevent vehicular movement and protect cables simultaneously. They offer many other valuable features which make them worth investing in!

Discover here our full range of Wheel Stops & Parking Blocks!

Length 5.5 feet / 1650 mm Each parking stop includes:
– 3 galvanised hex flange coach screws
– 3 plastic anchors (polypropylene)
– 3 plastic caps (polypropylene)
– Embedded 4 glass bead reflective tapes on each side
– You can also choose the film color between yellow and white
Width 6 inches / 150 mm
Height 4 inches / 100 mm
Color Black & Yellow / Black & White
Material Plastic-Rubber composite

What are our wheel stoppers made of?

The quality of a parking stopper highly depends on the material it is made of. We at Parking Block Direct take product quality very seriously.

We use recycled Plastic-Rubber composite to manufacture wheel stoppers. This Plastic-Rubber composite gives our products the features of both rubber and plastic. It means our car wheel stopper is flexible like rubber but still sturdy like plastic.

Due to this flexibility, it has the least impact on car wheels if a driver accidentally drives over it. It also allows our car parking stopper to adjust on various surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, or paver.

The Plastic-Rubber composite gives the following characteristics to our garage parking stopper.

  • It makes them lightweight, allowing you to carry them from place to place without loaders.
  • It prevents the formation of cracks, making our car parking wheel stopper durable and long-lasting.
  • It makes them resistant to certain chemicals and changing weather conditions.
  • It makes installation easier. You have to drill and bolt down the product into the ground surface. Digging the ground is unnecessary, which helps save installation costs and time.

Wheel stoppers are sold in the market in many other materials, including plastic, concrete, steel, and wood. All these materials are unique and give different characteristics to wheel stops. 

But if you compare their effectiveness, you will know that Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops are more beneficial than others. Our parking bumpers in all dimensions are made of Plastic-Rubber composite. If you are interested in other sizes, feel free to check our list here:

Feel free to contact us!

Are our parking stops durable?

Yes, our parking stops are very durable and can last for years. Rubber and plastic wheel stops do not develop cracks, unlike concrete and asphalt parking stops. Their colors stay intact for years to come. They are low-maintenance, allowing you to reduce their maintenance cost.

You can use them in indoor and outdoor parking areas, such as public parking, visitor parking, paid parking, airport parking, and disabled parking areas. Although they are more suitable for car parking spots, you can install them in parking areas used for buses, trucks, and motorcycles.

Our parking stops are used for multiple purposes. For instance:

  • You can install them in a daily parking area to protect parked vehicles from high curbs, walls, traffic cones, parking signs, and other objects installed in a parking facility.
  • You can also install them to guide drivers about the exact location of a parking spot. This will help them park without disturbing parked vehicles or covering pedestrian areas.
  • If you organize an event with several wires in a parking structure, you can cover them for protection with our wheel stoppers. Each parking stop contains two cable channels, allowing users to cover and protect sensitive cables. This way, heavy vehicles can easily drive over them without damaging them.

Are our parking curbs highly visible?

For us, parking stop users’ safety is essential. That is why we ensure our products are designed so drivers and pedestrians can locate them easily.

They have yellow embedded strips that reflect light when it falls over them. Their sharp yellow color is highly prominent, making our tools even more noticeable. It allows drivers to locate them even when they are far away. The reflective tape also helps reduce tripping hazards in EV charging stations and metered marking options.

Our wheel stoppers offer many other benefits. Some of these are:

  • Environmentally friendly: We manufacture lasting wheel stops using recycled rubber and plastic. Hence, our products are eco-friendly. Our wheel stops are perfect if you care about your environment and want to make your vehicle parking space eco-friendly!
  • Easy to install: You do not have to dig the ground to install our wheel stops. You only need basic tools like a drilling machine to create holes and ground spikes to fix the tool. We send free mounting hardware such as galvanised hex flange coach screws, plastic anchors, and caps to make installation easier.
  • Easy to maintain: Our wheel stops require little to no maintenance. Unlike concrete wheel stoppers, the color of Plastic-Rubber composite parking stoppers does not fade. Hence, you will not have to worry about painting them occasionally.
  • Use in various places: You can install them in different parking facilities, including electric vehicle charging stations, public parking lots, event parking areas, handicapped parking stations, and short-term parking spaces.
  • Customize them based on your needs: Our experts always look for ways to enhance customer experience. They do their best to provide their customers with products that match their unique requirements. Hence, you can customize certain features of your product. For instance, you can request a different colored reflective tape and customized packing.
  • Improve your traffic management system: You can use our traffic management tool with other tools like speed humps, speed bumps, parking meters, leveling blocks, and speed ramps to increase the overall performance of your parking lot. It will help improve vehicular and pedestrian safety in the campus parking, hourly parking, guest parking, overnight parking, and accessible parking spaces.
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