Wheel stops 4 feet

Wheel stops are an essential parking lot element that helps keep vehicular and foot traffic safe. They ensure drivers park their motor vehicles at the right place without hitting other parked vehicles or blocking sidewalks.

They act as barriers or obstacles that prevent the forward or backward movement of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, emergency vehicles, or fire trucks in parking lots.

Parking Block Direct manufactures high-quality garage wheel stops in various sizes. Our 4 feet or 1220 mm long wheel stops offer remarkable features, including high durability, visibility, and easy installation. You should try them if you are looking for a customizable Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stop to take your parking lot safety to the next level!

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Length 4 feet / 1220 mm Each parking stop includes:
– 3 galvanised hex flange coach screws
– 3 plastic anchors (polypropylene)
– 3 plastic caps (polypropylene)
– Embedded 3 glass bead reflective tapes on each side
– You can also choose the film color between yellow and white
Width 6 inches / 150 mm
Height 4 inches / 100 mm
Color Black & Yellow / Black & White
Material Plastic-Rubber composite

Are our parking bumpers weatherproof?

Yes! Our wheel stops are weatherproof and waterproof. They comprise a Plastic-Rubber composite resistant to various environmental factors such as temperature, UV radiation, and certain chemicals. They will not crack for years to come.

Due to this reason, you can use our wheel stops in indoor and outdoor places, including street parking spaces, garage parking spots, public parking garages, overnight parking areas, and handicapped parking facilities.

To create an effective traffic safety plan, you can use them with other traffic control devices like speed bumps, speed humps, speed cushions, ramps, traffic cones, or pavement markings.

Our parking bumpers in all dimensions are weatherproof. If you are interested in other sizes, feel free to check our list here:

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Advantages of using our car stops

Our wheel stops come with features that are hard to find in other products available in the market. The following points show why people must invest in our parking blocks.

Versatility: Our wheel stops are useful as you can install them in various places. You can use them in short-term, monthly, or on-street parking areas for the general public. You can also install them in electric-vehicle charging stations to maintain a suitable distance between expensive electric vehicles and charging devices. Additionally, you can install our wheel stops in disabled parking lots to help handicapped people get a proper parking space.

Customizability: Our highly qualified engineers and wheel stop manufacturers can customize your product according to your needs. You can request reflective tapes in different colors. You can also get a desired text or logo molded on the wheel stop’s surface.

Longevity: You can use our car wheel stopper indoors and outdoors. They are resistant to chemicals and changing weather conditions. Hence, they will not chip or crack for several years. In contrast, concrete, asphalt, and recycled plastic wheel stops are less durable.

High visibility: Our wheel stops have embedded glass bead reflective tapes that shine when light falls. It makes them visible even in a poorly lighted area. It helps reduce the tripping hazard and increase pedestrian safety.

Easy to carry: They have convenient handles that allow you to easily grab, hold, and carry the parking wheel stop using your hands. Our recyclable wheel stops are also lightweight. You will not need assistance carrying a tool from one place to another.

Easy to install and remove: Using nails, screws, and a drilling machine, you can easily fix them on different surfaces. Once installed, you can remove them for maintenance or other purposes in a few minutes.

Custom-made packaging: We ensure our customers receive their orders in the best possible condition. Hence, we pack products in durable packaging. We can also customize packaging according to our customers’ needs.

What factors you must consider when choosing parking blocks for a parking lot?

Looking for a wheel stop for your vehicle parking facility but don’t know how to select one? Here are the key points you must consider before buying a wheel stop.

Dimensions: Parking block regulations vary from place to place. Therefore, according to your local wheel stop regulations, you should buy a product with dimensions. It should not be too high for pedestrians or too low for vehicles that could drive over it easily.

Material: Wheel stops are available in different materials, including asphalt, concrete, plastic, and recycled rubber. Each material has its unique benefits. However, Plastic-Rubber composite is incredible in many ways. It gives wheel stops flexibility so their base can bend according to the surface below. Yet, they are very tough to form a barrier. They also don’t develop cracks like concrete wheel stops, making them comparatively low-maintenance.

Product quality: You should invest in a quality product that will help you save money in the long run. Read online product reviews to choose a product that has been tested and verified by many people before.

Visibility: Your wheel stops should be highly visible so that pedestrians walking in accessible parking, visitor parking, or daily parking options can easily see them and prevent tripping hazards. Visibility will also help drivers stop their vehicles before they hit the wheel stop.

Manufacturer: Choose a reputable wheel stop manufacturer who cares about customers’ needs and offers exceptional customer service. A good manufacturer will use high-quality materials to design and create durable products.

Cost: Go for a product that is according to your budget. Companies like Parking Block Direct sell products at factory rates, allowing people to save a lot.

Additional features: Product customizability, installation, and base characteristics should be considered. These features can make your wheel stops multipurpose and more valuable.

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